Urgent Help Needed to Save My Site

It came to my notice yesterday that some one again is setting up profiles and pretending to be me.

This time, they are calling them selves sexyinslipsmembers , they have in fact been a member of my site and they are now putting all my clips that they downloaded on to this porn site.

Firstly all my material is copy righted and I have not given this person permission to do this.

I have reported it to the porn site. I need your help to report it too for me, so we can stop this person

As most of you may know, I do all my own pics clips, site work etc.this takes a lot of my time.

The money I make from my members area, helps pay for site hosting, video app and lingerie etc

If some one is going to post all my stuff out there for free, then there is no point in me carrying on

The fact some one is pretending to be me, is very upsetting and causing me lots of stress.

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