To Sum and Explain!

As you may have noticed I now have a membership area. The cost to access this will be £5.00 per month. This will start on the day you pay your subscription. You can use the Pay pal button on the page or pay me directly through Pay Pal using Once you have paid, please then

sign up so I can accept your membership.

Please email if any problems or you decide to use a different email address to your pay pal account one.

For those of you not happy with the changes, I do not think £5.00 per month is much , when you consider all the work that I put in to doing the pictures, clips and website myself. Plus it is the cost

of say a bottle of wine , tea and cake , or a beer and crisps per month.

My photos section will continue to be free and will be updated on a fairly regular basis.

This weeks picture will continue as will the Knicker galleries.

You will see in the new section Future Posts, what is coming up in the membership area.

So now in membership area, is a Corset section, Vintage Slip Section, Satin and Lace Section

and Mistress Sue, all the video clips, the erotic stories to read and also erotic stories read by me.

Any Questions Please Email Me.

Have added a Comments Page again so Members can suggest things they may like to see in clips

or pictures.

Passport clips are also available to view, see selection and then email me.

For more info on personal clips and to discuss please email me.

For any one who want so buys any thing or is looking for some thing then please get in touch

Many Thanks to those of you who have signed up to become a member.

For those of you have know awhile, if you wish to use another form of payment method

please email me

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