Mistress Sue and Knicker Section

As you can see I have now added a new section to my site, called Mistress Sue!

This will contain, pictures, clips and stories. It is for the satin and silk lover, as you

will see me dressed in satin blouses, skirts, dresses, vintage slips and knickers.

It also, for those of you who love a lady to take charge. Like a bit of encouragement and

some discipline ! It will also follow the adventures of the chimney man and he no doubt gets in

too more trouble.

The second section is all about Knickers. Here you will see pictures of the knickers I have worn for

fans. There is also a gallery full of knickers which can be brought , either for me to wear for you

before sending or for you just to buy.

If any one has any other ideas on what they might like adding to my site, please email me and let me know. Thanks Sue x

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